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My precious grandson ūüôā


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Busy day ahead. A very excited crop of small Riley’s are packed & ready. Audobon Society field guides-check, specimen collection kits-check, various bags,back packs, baskets and jars-check. We are off to Trace Lake later this morning.

¬†This morning I was thinking of/praying for a family with a sick baby. I was remembering the times I have been where this mom is now- even the many times at that same hospital. Emily- gastrointerologist/Rheumatologist, Trey-neurologist, Ellen-Nicu,Ben-cardiologist,Sarah-endocrinologist,Abby…,Annie-neonatologist,Mercy-Nicu/failure to thrive/feeding intolerant/sleep apnea, Josiah-cardiologist.

I have been there & remember the prayers of a mothers heart for a sick child. It was a sweet time to reflect on God’s faithfulness. We have stood beside a child (Ellen)when the only thing keeping her alive were the frighteningly noise machines that were in various ways connected to her-we have been told she would not live through the night. We have been told that a daughter(Emily) would not survive without a liver transplant. We have looked on helplessly, pleading with God in anguish for our daughter(Abby Grace)¬†when the time of death was called. From where I am now I can truly say that God has been faithful. Why is that so easy to see looking back?

Emily has a Dr. appointment at 3:30 and it is my prayer that she will be released to our family physician. It was this month 19 years ago that we arrived at Leboneur Childrens Hospital at 4 am with our firstborn daughter and a bag full of presents from various friends and relatives. I was great with child and heavy of¬† heart.Two days before I had walked in the kitchen door after our weekly trip to Leboneur to find the phone ringing. It was Dr. Whittington- Dr. Whittington had never called before-he is famous for his terrible bedside manner. A nurse usually called with the results of Emily’s weekly liver panel. I was shocked and terrified to find Dr. Whittington on the other end of the phone. We were out of time. She was heading into full blown liver failure & we needed to report to the hospital in two days for a pre-transplant workup. If I told the whole story it would be a very long post so I’ll just say that that hospital stay was not happy and things looked very bad. But God. God had other plans for Emily and granted miraculous healing. It could never be explained and we were eventually told that she was in remission and we would now wait for it to come back as it surely would. But it didn’t. God granted complete healing. Wow. So we head out to see Dr. Asa this afternoon and we are trusting God for great things. Again.

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I’ll like you for always.


As long as I’m living,

my baby you’ll be.

It’s final. He’s ours forever & ever! We finalized the Baby Best Beloved’s adoption on Friday, March 6th.


* This awesome photo is courtesy of Priceless Photography. If you’d like to see more of the pics he took check ¬†his site here¬†and here

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The Mighty Warrior

“Lo Children are an Heritage of the Lord: and the fruit of the womb is his reward. As arrows are in the hand of a mighty warrior; so are the children of the youth. Happy is the man that hath his quiver full of them: they shall not be ashamed, but they shall speak with the enemies in the gate. ”
Psalm 127: 3-5

I was thinking about the Warrior ;o) New Years morning. I was looking ahead to the coming year thinking that, yet again, he has bitten off more than I can chew. International adoption, personhood amendment, nurture young lives, homeschool (preschool thru college?!?) – you want me to do all that & plough too?
I gotta say- the petition is definatly out of my comfort zone. I’m gonna have to talk to strangers, not just talk to them but share some very deep heartfelt convictions about human life andpresuade them to my position. Give me a special needs adoption any day. Then I picked up Daily Strength for Daily Needs and read this-

“High hearts are never go long without hearing some new call, some distant voice of God, even in their dreams. Soon they are observed to break up the camp of ease and start on some fresh march of faithful service. And, looking higher still, we find those who never wait until their moral work accumulates, and who reward resolution with no rest. Therefore, with them the alternation is instantaneous and constant. They do the good only to see the better, and see the better only to achieve it. They are too meek for transport, too faithful for remorse, too earnest for repose. Their worship is action, and their action is ceaseless aspiration.”
James Martineau

We have been married almost 23 years and I would guess a good percentage of those years have started with me saying “One production a year is ENOUGH” Life with Les is definatly not quiet or easy. He sees everything in black & white. If you get a new box of crayons the first thing you should do is throw out the gray. He’s hot or cold. Right or wrong. “Is this hill worth dying on?” “If a hill is worth climbing, it’s worth dying on”

I wonder at times what my children think. Ours is a life of sacrifice. We sacrifice time, comfort, money for extras. The children sacrifice with us. They don’t have the things their peers have and sometimes I worry that they will resent that some day & then I talk to them. They’re in it up to their necks and they, like me, would follow the Warrior wherever the Lord takes us.
kids- “What? We’re adopting a new kid? Why not three new kids?”
us- ” We can’t afford three”
kids-(shocked)”Are you putting a price on the life of a child?!?”
(during a family meeting to discuss ways we could tighten up to fund our coming activities)
teenage kid #4- while rubbing hands gleefully “owhhh! We get to do Hard Things!”
Yeah. They’re in it with us.

The Warrior is always stretching us, always leading us higher for the glory of our King. I am so thankful that my children see their daddy loving the Lord with all his heart, setting aside his leisure time and earthly treasure for the advancement of Christ’s Kingdom.

I will follow him to the end of the world or even South America;o) because I know he does it all for the honor of his King and the glory of his Lord.

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Have you ever wondered how someone else would describe you. Someone who knew all your secrets. Someone who, in a sense, gets to be a fly on your wall? Well, the Riley family can be summarized in two words- Organized Chaos.
We got a post placement report in the mail today & that’s how Superwoman(our pet name for our social worker) described us. The girls and I got a little laugh out of that. I don’t call this blog Blessed Chaos for nothing. She went on to say that it works & it does.

Last night Josiah was sitting in my lap enjoying some pureed sweet potatoes with apples when he turned and wiped his mouth on my shirt. I looked down to inspect the damage and realized I was slimy, goopy, crusty & sour smelling. I had a small amount of sour milk on my shoulder, crusty mess on my pants where I had absent mindedly wiped my wet, flour covered hands on my sweat pants(from my workout that never actually happened), a faint dusting of flour on my shirt from where I left a part off the wheat grinder and it blew flour all over me and the counter and a slimy trail of sweet potato applesauce on my shirt. Oh yeah, I forgot the black marker on my hand from wrestling away a sharpy marker Mercy was using to do her “school work”. And I was a very happy woman.
As Jerry Clowers wife said when the womens libbers came to the door “nobody’s messin with the deal momma got!”

BTW It’s not usually THAT chaotic & I did manage a shower before Les got home.

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Monday- Rhumetologist with Emma. We were pretty encouraged by our visit. He seems pretty matter a fact & I like that. He talked to us about the diagnosis of RA and how we’ll manage it from here. He spoke of how there is so much they don’t know about how this starts & sometimes it just goes as mysterious as it came. That is what we are praying for! In the meantime I am going to¬†research a different direction. I’ll see what I come up with & maybe share more later. We go back in three weeks.

Tuesday- Memphis with Josiah. We made a trip to Leboneur for an echocardiagram & EKG. Josiah slept through it all. I’m really praying that we will be released to the pediatrician for monitoring.

Thursday- Well baby check-up. My big man weighs 16 lbs 11 ozs! Official care plan- lock away all we know & forget it. I like that. The one thing I do not want to do is constantly evaluate every move he makes looking for signs.

Promised pictures coming soon & we’ll be launching a sewing blog as part of www.abbysgrace.com soon.

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fly by

Josiah is doing great. His cradle care mom, Fran, is amazing & is keeping me¬†well informed. I can’t wait to get my hands on him! He had a slight fever and had to go to the Dr. but everything was fine. We have lots of pics but won’t post them until after the court date. You’ll just have to trust me, he’s a doll!

We’re making our home ready and the time is really flying by.

No time for a long post, we’re off to Aunt Melanie’s.

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