My precious grandson 🙂

Sarah got into my old blog! I had given up remembering the password and no longer had access to the email.
Now, we’ll see if I feel like doing this again 🙂

One of the first things I loved about sewing was how happy my children are when I make make them something new. It’s not having something, it’s mommy making something new just for them. It’s like a hug they can wear.

New pillowcase dresses to wear to the family reunion took about twenty minutes including the time it took to heat the glue gun for matching hairbows. Yay! Annie is so glad she’s not to big for a pillowcase dress. Double YAY!  These vintage pillowcases have been around a long time. I don’t remember where I got them but they had definitly been loved by previous owners, judging by the dingy spots. A soak in Biz and they were good as new.

Now. What will Josiah wear?

Two years ago, today, he woke up Marcus and went to bed our Josiah. Forever.

Cute dress

I wonder if this would look O.k. longer? Probably not…

that tells how to come up with clever titles? I bet I could.
Candace gave me a good scare on Facebook by saying the wedding is in six weeks. Six weeks! I jumped right up from the bed, where I was perusing FB while getting Mercy down for a MUCH needed nap, and strapped on my wrist pin cushion to start pinning the stuff on the thing that’s on the dummy. I’m almost done with this top secret mission (I can’t say much, you know how brides are). I didn’t get very far before sweet Sarah came to tell me it was raining REAL hard. I can’t resist a cup of coffee on the porch when it’s raining so here I am. The rain has slowed enough that I’m getting a satellite signal so I guess I should get back to it.
*BTW Candace is my soon-to-be daughter-in-law. I’ll put up a pic of her when I’m on the desktop. She’s a sweetheart.

sick. I don’t like being sick. Lots of lessons to be learned there, huh? So, anyway, now that I can lift my head with out passing out- I’m checking out creative sewing spaces on the web. And. I am inspired. Actually excited, so excited that I’m going to break up the guest room. Sorry, but it has to be done. A guest room is really a great luxury for a family of 11 (remember, Emma’s gone. She’s still in the family but no longer in need of a bedroom here- I think her husband would object). We will need to organize a comfy spot to put guests in & the guest room has no windows, which means no natural light to sew by. Pros and cons to everything, I guess.


that room is already my favorite color & houses my favorite things.

my sewing stuff is currently stored in the closet, the dresser and under the bed.

it’s not my bedroom.

it’s not a damp basement.

The lock on the door.


no more guest room.

no window.

Pros win & I can’t wait til I feel good enough to start moving in.

Now that I have actually broken my blog fast, I should probably tell you about my daughter getting married and get Josiah into my header. Baby steps.